Indy North’s Summer Challenge

2013 Indy North Summer Challenge – Results – Men – Overall

2013 Indy North Summer Challenge – Results – Women – Overall

2013 Indy North Summer Challenge TIMELINE

2013 Indy North Summer Challenge HEATS

*ATHLETES!!! Event 1 heats will be different (larger) than heats for Events 2 and 3. Look carefully at what heat you are in for Event 1 and for Event 2/3 and then see what time your heat will start on the timeline.

Event 1
Athlete 1 will complete the following tasks. Upon competition of the pull-ups, Athlete 2 will complete the same tasks. There will be an 18 min cap for this event.
1000 meter run
63 Russian swings 32/24 kg
36 Pull-ups

Event 2
10 min to establish a max effort barbell complex
2 Cleans (any style) + 2 Front squats + 2 Jerks (any style)
*Cannot remove hands from bar until complex is completed
*Cannot set bar to ground without completing the complex in sequence
*If you choose to do a squat clean, that will not count as a front squat.
*Total score is athlete 1 + athlete 2

Event 3
Athletes partition reps as needed but only one athlete will be allowed to work at a time.
75 Deadlift, 215/135
50 Wallball, 20/14 (10 ft target)
25 T2B
75 Power Clean, 125/85
50 Wallball
25 T2B
75 Power Snatch, 75/55
50 Wallball
25 T2B
There is a 15 min cap for this event. Partners will have one bar and will be required to strip their own weight from the bar as they progress through the event.

Indy North’s Summer Challenge is a partner competition. We will have two divisions, male/male and female/female. This competition will be held on Saturday, July 13th at CrossFit Indy North in Noblesville, IN. There will not be any cuts, therefore every team will compete in all four events. This will be a fun and challenging competition that will help you determine your current strength, skill and conditioning level as we gear up for the Indy Classic and 2014 Great Lakes Invitational. You will not see muscle-ups, handstand push-ups or other high skill gymnastics movements. You will however be challenged in all other aspects of fitness. Be ready for anything because we will only release two of the events prior to the competition day. The cost is $100/team. Grab your partner and get ready to take on Indy North’s Summer Challenge!


  • We will start promptly at 8 am EST on Saturday, July 13th.
  • Athletes need to check-in Friday, July 12th between the hours of 5-8 pm. LATE registration will be Saturday, July 13th from 6-7 am.
  • We will release three events prior to the competition. Please bring your own jump rope with you to the event!
  • Be ready to perform WODs in all weather elements…
  • The Summer Challenge will be held at CrossFit Indy North located at 15475 Endeavor Dr, Noblesville, IN, 46060.


Eventbrite - Indy North's Summer Challenge


Please email if you have further questions.

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